The Team

Wer wir sind!
Teresa Lanvers
Company founder
Jan Lanvers
Company founder and inventor
Nathan Lanvers
Company founder

Jan Lanvers
"As the inventor, my expertise in our small company lies particularly in all questions of constructional implementation and technical development. I developed the prototype of the Spiral Planter during my master's degree in ecological agriculture at the University of Kassel / Witzenhausen. My vision at the time was to build a vertical cultivation system with a large root space - it could be used anywhere, its height could be changed flexibly, it could be stored in a space-saving way and it was child's play to set up. I never thought that it would turn into much more than just a small university project. The idea was so well received that I - at first alone, later with my sister Teresa - was allowed to stand on the winners' rostrum in several idea competitions. With the European patent for the Spiral Planter, we now have in black and white that the Spiral Planter is absolutely unique - and the certainty that it will remain so for a long time. I am proud to have created an unprecedented architecture with the Spiral Planter that appeals to plant lovers and design enthusiasts alike. Urban gardening excites me because it addresses sustainability issues in a playful way and simply makes cities more liveable.

Teresa Lanvers:
"I am mainly responsible for marketing and finance in the project. I believe that we can not "only" create real added value for people and nature with the Spiral Planter, but that it also depends on us as entrepreneurs by making our work processes and supply chains socially and sustainably."

Nathanael Lanvers:
"I joined the founding team most recently and have now been fully involved since 2019. My main role is in sales and scheduling. I haven't regretted the step into self-employment for a minute. With a sustainable product like the Spiral Planter, we contribute to greening sealed surfaces and making cities more liveable for people and animals. The main motivation for me is to market a product that is innovative and offers an ecological and social added value.“

Das ist uns wichtig!

Regional production

Of course, we could offer our product far more cheaply if we produced it abroad and then shipped it over thousands of kilometres to Germany. But in doing so, we save at the wrong end: on workers' rights and environmental protection. Regional production is therefore a must for us.

High quality materials

Our materials are selected according to our strict sustainability criteria: We use durable, weather-resistant materials that you can enjoy for years to come. We also continue to look for new materials that may have an even better eco-balance.

For a better world

The inclusive company "Lernen fördern -Dienstleistungen GmbH" is our strong partner in the field of packaging, warehousing and disposition.
We have reduced the amount of plastic in our packaging to the bare minimum and deliberately avoid printed cardboard boxes or fancy "gimmicks" - because the more minimalist the packaging, the more ecological it is. Of course, we use CO2-neutral shipping for the delivery of your Spiral Planter.